Why rabbits make great pets for vegans

I love all animals (even sharks, which are terrifying), but my favourite ‘pet’ animal are rabbits. We’ve toyed with the idea of adopting a dog but always come back to house rabbits. I love cats too, but there are a few issues: My boyfriend is allergic to them. If i want to keep him (I … Read more

How do vegans feel about aquariums?

It will vary a lot from vegan to vegan about how they personally feel about aquariums. I have mixed feelings. Whilst I abhor the practice of keeping cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in captivity, my boyfriend has kept tropical fish for many years. And then there are those public aquariums that claim that the animals in … Read more

How do vegans feel about guide dogs?

golden retriever

I think they’re great. Do you know, I had no idea people hating on guide dogs was even a thing until I was doing some casual keyword research. So, do I, a vegan, think that having a guide dog is cruel? No. If the animal is well-cared for, then why not help make sometimes’s life … Read more

How do vegans explain carnivorous animals?

fox in field

If you’re reading this then I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re a vegan that needs a succinct way to explain to any idiot that asks why it’s ok for lions to eat meat but not humans. If you googled this ‘how do vegans explain carnivorous animals’ as … Read more

How do vegans deal with pests?

grey squirrel sat on a fence

I get asked how I deal with pests fairly often, and to be honest, it depends entirely on the pest and the situation.  It’s important to remember that vegans aren’t perfect. We’re not defending mosquitoes when there are malaria outbreaks, and those worms that burrow into people’s eyeballs can fuck right off. Would I kill … Read more