Are you in need of blog posts that cater to a vegan (or potentially vegan) market?

I write blog posts or web copy for your website that is informative and primed for SEO, but also entertaining, easy to read and interesting.

Why me?

For starters, I am a vegan AND a freelance writer. That’s a great start.

How am I different from the thousands of vegan freelance writers and bloggers out there?

Erm, I’m not much for recipes.

I like to cook, but it all seems so complicated. Once I whipped chickpea juice for close to an hour (I won’t lie; it was worth it).

For the average joe that wants to go vegan for the environment or to be kinder to chickens, all that talk about aquafaba, tofu and B12 is rather overwhelming.

I believe that a major factor in people refusing to consider veganism is that that they think it’ll be inconvenient.

What will I have when I come back from a night out if I can’t have a kebab? What will I have instead of a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch? WHAT CAN MY MUM COOK ME FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER???

Enter me, a vegan that is moderately healthy, that has her dinner cooked by her omnivorous partner most of the time (I’m busy, ok?) and doesn’t have a high-powered blender.

I’ve been writing for blogs for longer than I’ve been a vegan, so I have a lot of experience writing blog posts to inform and engage readers, to make them want to stay a bit longer and have a click around.

Are your clients are already vegan and looking for new products? 

Do you make vegan products? If you don’t already have one, you NEED a blog.

New vegan products are coming into the market in droves – you need to stay atop the competition and having a blog is the best way to connect with your target market.

I can write your blog posts for you, and ensure you have an engaged client base.

Or are they interested in a plant-based lifestyle and don’t know where to start?

Some people go all in, some are all about the baby steps. Either way, I can write blog posts for your readers that will support them on whichever route to veganism they choose.

I do not frighten, berate or generally pick on people interested in veganism.

I will not insist they watch Earthlings (and I certainly won’t be volunteering to watch it with them if they decide they want to).

I’m all about easy, actionable steps and a virtual hand to hold should they require it.

My writing style is chatty, informal and funny. I aim to help people embrace veganism by showing how easy it can be, how incredible is it for the world and just how many chips you can eat.

Drop me an email at hello@carolinecocker.com or DM me on twitter