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YouTube is an embarrassingly large part of life and I usually have a video playing while I’m cooking, eating, or similar. I also find vegan Youtube (or the vegan Youtube I choose to watch) a kind and helpful place, where recipes are shared, nutrition tips are doled out, and no one feeds the trolls.

It’s also nice watching beauty videos that have products I can buy. There’s nothing worse than getting super excited about a brand, only to discover that they either test on animals or are sold in China.

These aren’t in any particular order, because they all provide different content. Many cook recipes I’d never contemplate making myself, but are either hilarious or calming, some vlog, and can therefore recommend recipes and low waste non-food alternatives, and some don’t even create particularly vegan content, they just happen to be vegan and entertaining.

I’m not including any of these here, but I’ve recently got MASSIVELY into watching organisation videos – especially on digital planning. I love drawing on Procreate (I’m shit though, despite my dad literally being a professional artist) and devour reviews for GoodNotes, but I specifically wanted a bullet journal-style digital planner that I could use to organize my day to day schedule and my blog.

I thought my parameters were fine:

  • Had a dated calendar
  • Had reminders
  • Was available and editable across my phone, laptop, and iPad (all Apple)
  • Could store notes and, crucially, links to websites that I wanted to revisit or link to for blog posts.
  • Preferably free, but willing to pay if it did all the above
  • Pretty & able to handwrite on with my Apple Pencil

All because I can’t be arsed to carry around (or design, tbh) my bullet journal. I love doing my bullet journal and making it pretty occasionally, but it required too much upkeep.

You know what I ended up with?

(And yes, we’ll get to the YouTubers soon)


Along with Googles Keep and Task it’s going quite well, though not perfect yet.

I wish the apps integrated better without needing to refresh on the desktop, but it does everything I need. If it was more customisable in terms of appearance it’d be damn near perfect.

So there you go.

Anyway, I digress muchly.

Here we go, in no particular order

Jenna Marbles

(If you read the post where I couldn’t change the colour of the header in Gutenberg, I seem to have grown a little box that lets me. From whence it came, I’ve no idea. Hopefully, it’ll stick around).

Yes, Jenna Marbles is vegan! Uu uu uu!

Her videos aren’t about veganism, particularly, but they’re funny and wholesome, and her dogs are cute as.

(My mum has Italian Greyhounds though, and I can confirm that cute as they are, whippets and greyhounds are just as good, calmer, and easier to find in shelters. Adopting and not shopping is, I believe, an important part of veganism).

Follow Jenna here

Caitlin Shoemaker

The cheese sauce she makes in this video (no-follow plugin is working again – if you know, you know. If you don’t you’re not missing out) is my go-to. It’s not particularly cheesy (I know it makes no sense) but it goes so well in all the places cheese sauce would go. Or just eat it straight out of the food processor, like I do.

Follow Caitlin here

Liv B

Liv seems like such a lovely, gentle soul. Perhaps it’s the Canadian accent. She does mostly recipe videos and what I eat in a day, which are always useful.

Follow Liv here

Grace Fit Uk

Grace was originally known for her fitness videos, but now she’s branched out into videos on veganism, organisation, and even Brexit. She’s also studying at Oxford and we all watch her videos so we can learn how to be such powerhouses.

Follow Grace here

Naturally Stefanie

She’s tiny, Scottish, and very funny. She does incredible videos where she veganises and recreates takeaway food. Legend.

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Pick Up Limes

I love her. You know I love her. I rarely make it through a post without mentioning her. I love watching her videos and regularly make her recipes. She just seems like such a cool person.

Follow Sadia here

Sweet Potato Soul

She’s not posting as often because she’s pregnant but go through her archives. She’s not preachy at all, she just casually drops in tips on how to compost in New York, tips for traveling around America as a vegan, and awesome recipes.

Follow Jenné here

Rainbow Plant Life

V similar to Pick Up Limes, actually, but either doesn’t post as much or doesn’t pop up in my subscription list. With YouTube being the way that it is, who knows?

She maybe actually did a collab with Sadia, which is how she cropped up on my radar.

Follow Nisha here

Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna is rather similar to Grace in that she first came to my attention as a fitness vlogger (I seem to recall she did a personal training session with Anna (who isn’t vegan – although she’s cutting down on animals – but is super lovely).

An interest in sustainability led Zanna down the plant-based path, and now she’s got an incredible YouTube channel that chronicles her life as a plant-based personal trainer.

Follow Zanna here

Amy the vegan

Amy’s channel is really new but it’s growing super quickly. She has a huge following on twitter, is passionate about being a professional vegan… influencer? Educator? Anyway, one of those.

She’s hilarious, raw, and really informative without being preachy.

Follow Amy here

Oh my god, that post took way longer than it should have to write.


My initial happiness about being able to change the colour of the headings was quickly marred by WordPress’s new glitchy nature with regards to links.

Or perhaps just new glitchy nature with regards to everything.

Am mad.

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