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Blender – I love this blender. It’s not crazy expensive, and it comes with a food processor and nice extra like cups.

Stick blender – Really useful for chopping up small things, or making small batches of hummus, as well as for blending soup without having to move it from the pan.

Tofu press – Obvs can be done with a couple of books, weights, and kitchen roll, but a tofu press is just…easier. Only for people that eat a lot of tofu. A great idea for your Christmas list though.


Almond butter – I have tried cheaper brands than this one, but they don’t taste as good. If you’re getting it from the nutrients rather than the taste (can’t relate), then go for a cheaper brand.

Chia seeds

Ground flax seeds

Hemp seeds – make sure you go for the shelled variety – the unshelled ones are hella crunchy, and you’ll be risking your teeth.

Maple syrup – comes up in loads of sweet recipes, or just have it on pancakes.

Peanut butter – buy in bulk so you never run out (plus it’s cheaper).

Protein powder – disclaimer: cheap, tasty, non-gritty. As far as I’m aware, you can’t have all three. I go for price and lack of grittiness since you can hide the flavour in smoothies. The vanilla one is fine but it is SO sweet. Great for raspberry smoothies though.