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This whole post is a fucking train wreck.

When I wrote my content calendar for 2019 on Boxing Day, I was pretty sure I’d have made loads of vegan Yorkshire puddings by now.

Turns out no, that was way too much faff for me. Besides, there are rumours that Aunt Bessie is taking vegan Yorkshires to task, and she’s far better equipped for it than me.

But, if I don’t stick to my content calendar I’ll have to come up with another idea for a post, plus I fucking love yorkshires.

I’ve picked three different recipes to try – I’ll make them all and pick a fave.

Recipe 1 – Tesco

Here’s the recipe

Ok, so I had a bit of a false start here.

My plan for dinner was to make scalloped potatoes, stuffing (Paxo), Yorkshires, and veggies sausages, onions and mushrooms simmered in gravy (Bisto).

The potatoes were amazing. Seriously. Try the recipe.

I first ran into an issue when it was discovered that I didn’t actually own a Yorkshire pudding tin. I used a silicon muffin tin, but alas, the Yorkshires turned out pretty shit. It’s a super simple recipe with really easy to find ingredients, so I’m going to persevere, order the correct tin and have another go.

I’d fully intended to have done this by the time this post went live, but actually my house was too hot, my kitchen too messy and my will too frazzled. An update may follow. Who knows? Try recipe 4, it’s the best imo.

They barely rose, were very solid, and tasted like baking powder. Yack. They smelled, bizarrely, like custard creams though.

Recipe 2 – Cruelty-Free Cottage

****UPDATE ****You’ll just have to imagine the recipe, because the blog has been removed. Cry cry cry.

This was slightly more complicated than the Tesco one, because it had egg replacer, but it was super simple. On my first attempt (with my freshly bought Yorkshire pudding tin) I don’t think the oven or fat was hot enough, so the fat is heating as we speak for round 2. Despite this, the Yorkshire’s were pretty good! I’m impressed!

They tasted a little bit different to regular Yorkshires but I’m used to homemade ones with plenty of eggs (my parents had hens – they now have one very angry one called Only, that we think killed the others.) so I think if I added a bit of black salt they’d be great. They also didn’t rise as much as non-vegan yorkshire’s but I don’t care about appearances.

I had similar results with batch 2. Oh well. Let’s blame my oven, shall we?

This could also be due to the fact that I’m a terrible baker.

Recipe 3 – Vegan Chef Day

This recipe has ALSO been removed. Blogging is hard. Never mind.

This one is the most complicated but it’s also gluten-free, if anyone is so unlucky as to suffer from either gluten intolerance or coeliac disease.

Whoa, plot twist we’re not doing this one because I’ve somehow missed that it had potato starch in it, so we’re doing this one instead:

Ever the professional.

Recipe 4 – A Virtual Vegan

Here’s the recipe

The batter looks the most like non vegan Yorkshire pudding batter BUT it does say that you shouldn’t use shallow yorkshire pudding tins or the recipe won’t work. Hmm. I’m not forking out on a whole new pudding tin, especially since I only have 10 minutes before the batter is due to go in the oven.


They smell kind of eggy because of the mustard. A virtual vegan is a GENIUS. I’m to redo the Tesco ones and add a bit of mustard in.

OMG!!! They turned out ok!!! Kind of cakey in the middle, but not bad at all!


I can only apologise if you came here to learn how to make vegan Yorkshire puddings. I can only imagine the disappointment you’re feeling, at my crappy attempts.

Still, I have provided you with four recipes that will, in all likelihood, succeed when the endeavour isn’t helmed by an incompetent baker such as myself.

My only conclusion is that Aunt Bessie’s need to get a shuffle on and make vegan frozen Yorkshires for incompetents such as myself.

I realise that I ought to change the pins for this post, because I’ve absolutely not shown you how to make vegan Yorkshire Puddings, but I can’t be arsed. I’m tired, full of burnt-yet-undercooked fake wannabe-Yorkshires and I’m hot because my ovens been on for approx. five years.

I’m sorry for the inadvertent click bait. Just know that I wanted it to work just as much as you did.

I have successfully created a very wildlife-friendly garden though, so if you’re interested in a post that’s actually useful, check it out here

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