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Writing challenge update

So, the deadline for my writing challenge is tomorrow and I FINISHED MY DAMN BOOK. Yaaaaasssss.

I may have done a terrible job at drinking no alcohol and my hedgehog may have died, BUT I FINISHED MY DAMN BOOK.

And in the immortal words of Meatloaf, one out of three ain’t bad.

No, wait.


Oh, another small victory is that for the first time EVER, I also finished a notebook. My novel fit almost exactly in a 200 leaf A4 notebook (I designed it that way – 20 chapters at 10 pages each because I’m sad like that).

If you’re new here and haven’t a clue what I’m wanging on about, go and read this post about my writing challenge. If you’ve read that and are now thinking ‘how the hell would I ever do that (understandable, I’ve been there), read this post on how I divvied up my time with loads of times for productivity and goal setting and such.

Ok, but this post is about how I nearly didn’t complete my writing challenge.

Because God likes to laugh at our plans. That’s a saying, isn’t it? Like, a real one. I’m sure it is.

Wait, no. This is the saying:

Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

Ok, I don’t even want to make God laugh if his sense of humour is so mean. Fuck you, God.

(Obvs I’m an atheist. God and Christians, I mean this all in jest.)

What the hell was I on about?

Ok yes. You’ve made yourself a little writing plan, nothing too strenuous, just a chapter a night-ish for two weeks.


EXCEPT. Your most productive night of the week is Thursday because you babysit your brother. You sit in the conservatory with the three dogs and write and write and write.

Except, the Thursday of your writing challenge your brother decides to throw up (shout out to my mum’s greyhound *Italian, not proper* for ‘cleaning up’ (ahem) his vom). So then you can’t write anymore, because that’s mean. Instead, you sit next to him on his bed and stroke his sweaty forehead because that’s what a swell sister you are.

And then the next day you’re working all day but then your in-laws come for tea, so naturally, you have to clean, cook and entertain them, and then share a bottle of prosecco with your mother in law. Tis the rules. We spent the whole week with them actually, because some things are more important than writing challenges: prosecco spending time with family.

But here’s the main thing I want to impress on you:

Don’t give up on your writing challenge just because you think/know you can’t complete it. Keep writing like a mad fool, because even if you don’t achieve your goal, you’ll have a written a hell of a lot more than if you’d given up at the first sign on an interrupted schedule.

So, what next?

This is only a first/second draft (I have another draft but it’s a dramatically different story with only a couple of similar chapters, although the characters have remained the same), so now I need to make it, erm, good.

It’s also handwritten so it needs typing up.

I’m going to do the recommended thing and forget about this draft for a bit (and probs not write at all for the next week, because I’m on holiday – a stay-cation, I’m not going anywhere, except Ikea, whoop whoop).

I’ve got this book by Chuck Wendig to read. I’m hoping it’ll help me with re-writes. I also plan on beginning to gently draft a sequel to this one, since it kind of ended when I was on a roll. Weird I know, but it ends of a semi-cliffhanger and I want to continue, especially since my brain gets bored extremely quickly unless I maintain momentum.

So, that’s it for this week. There may be a post next week, but I suspect not. I’ll be too busy trawling the Pinterest search results for ‘how to edit a story.’

P.S Grammarly has informed me that 25.5% of my sentences have 20 or more words, so for that, I apologise.

writing challenge

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