procrastination ideas for writers

Procrastination ideas for writers

I needed to write a post regarding procrastination ideas for writers because I love procrastination activities. Who doesn’t love a bit of YouTube, general scrolling through the various social medias we all claim to hate and Candy Crush?

(yes Grammarly, I know you don’t like medias as a plural since it already is plural, but I do. I also like deers, sheeps and hobbitses. Fuck you.)

Attempting to completely cut out procrastination is an awful idea. I’m sure many people would disagree, but, I repeat, I love procrastination activities. I actually schedule time into my bullet journal to complete the daily challenge on Temple Run. This is serious folks.

Would you believe I actually paused just now to unlock my phone?

I mean, I didn’t actually do anything, Just unlocked for a little peek, but it’s a problem.

You see, as I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, I’m incredible at giving myself time off. I don’t have many indulgences (bar a bit of prosecco on the weekend, and for some reason last Monday, but it had been a strenuous weekend).

I don’t have my nails done or massages or go out for fancy drinks or anything, so my guilty pleasure is sitting on my arse and doing shite all. Preferably with a YouTube subscription box full of videos or a Netflix comedy.

I do it too often though. Like, all the time. I’ve had to schedule in time to actually get writing done. Check out this post if you’re interested in how I do that.

SO, my procrastination ideas are as follows:

Clean the house

Everyone loves a clean house, don’t they? It may bore you into writing.


Go for a run, run up and down the stairs, get a skipping rope, join a gym. You will have put zero words on paper, but you’ll be super healthy.

Get a dog

I don’t own a dog. I own a rabbit. A dog would eat my rabbit or at least scare the bejesus out of her.

I either grab one from our local dog shelter (we’ve done this for years and met some ace dogs) or recently a lady that has her hair cut by my friend has been in touch about walking her dog.

She only lives around the corner so we’ve been taking Freddie out of an evening. He’s swell.

(Grammarly thinks he’s swelling. He isn’t.)

Walk that dog

If you’re reallly not feeling your prose go for a long walk. If you just need a little breather just go on a short walk. I suppose you could go for a walk without a dog, but that just doesn’t seem the same.

Meal prep

I only do this in a very small way, i.e. I make my breakfast the night before. I put silken tofu, pb fit, a banana, some cacao, flaxseeds, chia seeds and plant milk in a container and let it meld overnight. It tastes delicious but looks rank af.


We are writers, therefore we probs read. GO down to your local charity shop and pick up something new. Although my local one tends to do mainly bodice-rippers, so I tend to stick to Amazon, unless i can get further afield.


This is just a fancy way of me suggesting that you daydream about your book. Make sure you take notes though – ‘I’ll remember that’ is the biggest lie we’ll ever tell ourselves.

Go vegan

For the animals, for the planet, for all those poor sods starving to death because we’re feeding all our grain to cows. JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO. Also, think how much time you waste finding new accounts to follow on Insta.

Start a journal

By a journal, I mean a notebook (ONE NOTEBOOK) in which to record all your notes and lists and reminders etc. You don’t need a fancy planner if you don’t want – just write the date at the top of the page like you’re back in school. Underline it with a ruler for all I care.

Either condense all your notebooks into one OR if you’re suuuuper organised, have a master notebook to use as an index for your many others. I found just using one was so much easier though.

I’m not quite together enough to have all my notes actually organised, but knowing that they all live behind one front cover is fine.

Save the world

Look, if I knew how I’d do it myself. If you do know how you should (stop using plastic straws unless you need to though).

Make a (vegan) cake

Half an hour to find a recipe, ha;f an hour to buy the ingredients, another half an hour to get what you forgot the first time etc etc etc. A stellar procrastination plan.

Eat that cake

Otherwise the whole endeavour was rather wasteful.

Start a blog

Because it’s still writing you see. And you can write whatever you want. You can bitch about your characters won’t write their own dialogue and how your battle scene just doesn’t feel very battle-y, or about something completely different.

It’s totally not what I do when I want to write but I don’t want to write my book 👀.

That’s all I can think of for now.

I’m sure there’s something in their that takes your fancy. Even in not, you can see what I’m doing here. The activities we’re looking to sync with our procrastination brain are all definitely not writing (except for the last one) but they’re still a worthwhile use of your time AND if you can fit these things into those little pockets of time we have throughout the day that we generally waste, when it comes to the end of the week you can chill in your beautifully clean house, knowing that you’re well-exercised and tea is ready in the fridge. OR you’ve written 10,000 words.

***DISCLAIMER*** it’s obvs not as easy as that or I wouldn’t have so many pots on the drainer to put away BUT tis a process.

I have condensed the theme of this post into one simple sentence: stop looking at your damn phone and get something useful done.

You’re welcome.

Times I randomly opened my phone whilst writing this post: 3. I don’t think that’s too bad. It’s so weird though – often I don’t consciously think to do it, but there it is, my phone in my hand. And now I’m writing about it, I want to pick it up again.

It’s like being addicted to pasta – it’s not going to kill you, it’s slightly unhealthy but it doesn’t produce some kind of dizzying high. So why do I do it?

I seem to have gone off on a tangent, so I’d end here.

Happy procrastinating gang.

procrastination ideas for writers

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