Do you want to write a book?



Me too! Hard though isn’t it? For a start, the second you tell anyone that you want to write a book they will forever be asking you if you’ve finished it. Which, if you’re anything like me, you won’t have done.

I love reading and writing, but not the part where you have to turn the TV off, put down Candy Crush and get off the sofa. Once I’m sat with a book or typing at my desk, I really enjoy myself. It’s kind of like exercise, in that it’s fun during your workout and you feel super accomplished after, but your brain still needs to be poked and prodded into actually sitting down and starting.

So, who is this website for?

It’s for you if you want to write a book and could do with a few tips and hints regarding productivity andĀ organisation. This is a community for like-minded people who don’t want to be judged for starting 30 books and never finishing themĀ or writing no more than 100 words a week.

It’s not for you if you’re for an easy guide to writing a book and becoming a millionaire overnight. I mean, if I do happen to discover the secret to writing 10,000 words a day whilst working a full-time job and enjoying some semblance of a social life*, I’ll certainly share it with you. But, I’m afraid, for now, I can only offer you a few tips and tricks for actually getting yourself to your desk, and a boat load of support.



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