my writing challenge

My writing challenge

I did intend to set myself this writing challenge because I’ve recently just had a lovely summer holiday. I’d write a whole post detailing the activities I partook in during my staycation, but I can list them in four words: walked dogs, ate, napped.

It. Was. Epic. I did some amazing things šŸ˜€

Guess what I DIDN’T do on my summer holidays?? WRITE ONE DAMN WORD.

Well done me.

As a punishment/productivity thing, I’ve set myself the goal of finishing draft 2 (of approx a million I assume) by my next week off.

Which is in three weeks.



I now have to average 4 chapters a week.

In order to force myself to write this damn book I have to have a very prescriptive writing process (full detailsĀ here).

Part of my thing is to make sure all the chapters are 10 pages long (handwritten) which is about 3000 words. Emphasis on the about.

Fun fact: since it’s handwritten I have NO IDEA how many words are written. That’s something that gets more stressful the further into the book I get because what if I type it up and I’ve only written 4000 words? WHAT WILL I DO??

(Well, since I asked, I’ll publish it as a shit novella.)

So any way, I’ve pretty much set myself the challenge of writing 12,000 words a week.

I usually aim to do a chapter, but sometimes only manage half because, you know. Sometimes one reaches the end of the week and hasn’t done the word count. Life gets in the way – you could be too tired/too busy/too ill.

Oh my god, I’ve just realised that the three weeks includes this week and it’s already Thursday today.


Ok, moping doesn’t help. let’s work this out.

Ok, it takes about an hour to write 1000 words, therefore 3 hours to write 3000 (MATHS, FOLKS). I’m babysitting my brother tonight for about four hours, so perhaps could get 4000 done if my words are working.

Let’s hope so.

I can also cram 3 hours in tomorrow and Saturday.

Gosh, a full time job really gets in the way amirite?

The only way I’m going to reach this goal is to write every day.

This is not something I generally care to do, because Saturday nights consist VDT (valuable drinking time) from 8pm onwards. Also Sundays and Monday’s are my days off, because I’d rather pack more into my work days and have my days off be actual days off. Tis self care.

The other challenge I’ve set myself in the three week gaps between leave is to not drink alcohol – my boyfriend is doing the same thing.

For no reason other than, er, we drank quite a bit last week. Like, three weeks worth. We dedicate the next three sober weeks to our wallets and our livers.

The lack of VDT technically frees up Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons, because that’s when I like to take my nap, caused by lack of sleep the night before.

This just may work.

Although I’m feeling rather drained after writing this, and it’s literally just falling out of my brain.

Oh, and I have hedgehog to think of now.

It’s not just boyfriends, books and rabbits in my life.

A customer at my work rang me (at work) the other day to ask for help with a weeny hedgehog that was wandering around, apparently pissed, during the day. He’s now living on my coffee table in a big box (the hedgehog, not the customer).

He’s a boy and we’ve called him Wolfie. He seemed fine yesterday – he was eating and stuff and we took him for a check up at a local rescue centre and they said to weigh him and check his poo isn’t green. Today he’s not eating, he’s lost weight and his poos are green, so to the vets we go unless he makes a remarkable recovery overnight.

He only weighs 290g at the moment and he has to be 650g if we want to release him before winter. That’s a lot of pressure on poor Wolfie. Although, if he fancies finishing my second draft I’ll happily more than double my weight.


1. I have to write about 40,000 words in three weeks.

2. I mustn’t drink alcohol during this time.

3. I’m also rehabilitating a hedgehog.


my writing challenge

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